What Used to Be my Jewelry Case: A Pledge

What used to be my jewelry case is now... See for yourself.

Can I find anything in there? No.
Can I get any of my necklaces out without breaking at least one? No.
Do I at least no what is in there? Not really. I do have some vague memories though. It might come back to me. Wait for it.

Why did I write this post? To show you what an impossibly neat person I am? Sure, sure. No, for real, I want to make a pledge, and I want you to hold me accountable.

With this, I, Eva,, the author of this blog, earnestly pledge to get my jewelry in order and prevent the situation pictured above by finding a new method for jewelry storage. I also pledge to repair any damage done by the inevitable tearing and breaking apart process required to do the previously mentioned task.

Stop cruelty to jewelry.

Go check out your jewelry case - is it alright? I allow you to make fun of me about this in comments and show what a neat person you are. Seriously. Do it. I'm in a terrible need for inspiration.

With love,



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