Signature Fragrance: Crystal Noir by Versace

Does "signature (insert anything)" sounds silly to you? I used to laugh about Chuck Bass' "signature scarf" a while back when Gossip Girl was only taking off. Now I wouldn't. The concept of having something that represents you at each and every situation, something that is so completely "yours" that you can't imagine your life without it - that has intrigued me. And if we have signature scarves, rings and even accents, why couldn't I have a signature fragrance?

Crystal Noir by Versace has become my go-to scent. To be honest, I cannot remember the last time I wore a different fragrance. I remember checking out Body Shop's "Dreams Unlimited" and hanging around Marc Jacobs counter for a while. I didn't buy anything because the bottle pictured above is my one and only fragrance love. I feel naked if I get outside the house without it!

Crystal Noir has a rather strong floral/oriental scent. People who love sweet, girly scents - stay away, this is probably not the fragrance for you, at least not for the day. I, however, find strong fragrances very appealing and this, as my nose happily told me, is the best of them all. I can wear it anytime. I do wear it anytime. Another plus? It's long-lasting. I don't like to carry a whole bottle of perfume around all the time, and now I don't have to.

This is The Fragrance. If I ever find anything better, I'll let you know. Until then... This is my signature scent. What's yours? Leave a comment below and tell me!

Review: Grace Cole Skin Care System

Guess what? I have been in search for a new skin care system, or at least a new, magnificent stand-alone product which could compete with my all-time favourite Clinique Three-Step Skin Care System. After more that two years of usage, it is time to say good-bye, as my skin has gotten used to it (insert a heart-breaking sob here). When it comes to skin care, I am rather picky, and that's why, for the next few months, I will most likely be testing and reviewing a ton of skin care products. Definitely follow my blog to get the latest updates on that.

Now, to the point. I recently bought a tea tree & witch hazel skin care system by Grace Cole, pictured below. It consists of three steps: a foaming facial was, a cleansing tonic and a softening moisturizer.

Facial Wash

Cleansing Tonic

The packaging looked really nice and caught my attention but the biggest reason why I bought it (since i hadn't done any research) was actually my friends encouraging comments about the benefits of tea tree oil. "Anything that has some tea tree in it is amazing!" Okay, at least it had always worked for her. For the price tag of around only 15 euros for all three products, I was determined to try it.

When you open the packaging, the smell of these products might surprise you. I would suggest smelling them in the store before you buy, as the have a strong, refreshing scent not all people may like. Both the facial wash and the tonic are great products. They seemed rather gentle (which I like) and my skin felt instantly fresher. The moisturiser, though, was a complete shock to me. After I had washed of the tonic and waited a while, I applied it to my face. Three seconds later, I was desperate to get it off. While the facial wash and tonic had been gentle, this was a torture in a tin.

It hurt! It stung really badly, like no other skin care product had before. It could be that only my skin's reaction to that was overly dramatic on that particular day but I certainly will not be repeating the process to check. My skin is not very problematic as it is, and while the sting could have been a sign of the product working amazingly, I have no intention to move away from my lovely Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel. End of the story.

My verdict? The price is reasonable, and the packaging contains a lot of the product. However, I would steer clear of the moisturizer, or ask for a sample to try before purchasing, as it is quite impossible to predict your skin's reaction to it. For the days when my skin will be wanting something refreshing, these will be the products for me. The search for The Product still continues.

Have you tried this skin care system? What are your thoughts on it? If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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Blog Hopping Time!

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Review: Lush Cupcake Mask

Guess where I was on Friday afternoon? You are right! For the first time in my life, I checked out the Lush store. You might have already read a guest post I did for Lipstick Fridays blog about my first time at Lush. If you haven't yet, check it out to see what was my first impression!

In the above pictures, you can see my newest purchase, the famous Lush Cupcake Mask, intended for oily teenage skin, now proudly sitting in my refrigerator.

The first thing you notice about the product is that it smells absolutely amazing. If you are a fan of chocolate-y products, this will be your thing as it smells mostly like chocolate with a tiny hint of peppermint. It kind of smells like something you could eat, that's why I put a hot pink sticky note on it, saying, "Please don't eat". I wouldn't want any weird refrigerator situations!

The mask goes onto your face really smoothly. I got a tingly feeling after it was on for about 3 minutes but it was a good one. You are supposed to leave the Lush Cupcake mask on for 5 to 10 minutes. I went for about 6 as it was my first time using it. Just a tip: before applying any Lush or other new skincare products, try them out on your hand first. I have discovered an allergic reaction to some products this way, and I am incredibly glad that I didn't put them on my face!

Taking the mask off is a little bit more tricky. It came off but I would suggest keeping a toner or another facial wash around just in case. The mask is so good my face probably just didn't want to let it go!

Anyhow, what came afterwards? Incredibly good feeling, that's for sure. My skin felt instantly better, tighter and smoother. I actually saw that the size of my pores had decreased! Big points to Lush for that one.

The next morning though my skin was back to normal. Is it a drawback? Not necessarily. The feeling was incredibly good, and I would suggest using this mask before going out as for a few hours your skin will feel and look absolutely amazing. It does not have any long-lasting effect (at least not on my skin) but I still consider this a great product.

This is the start of my new Lush addiction. Probably the first step towards bankruptcy, too. What can I say? You impressed me, Lush! I can definitely recommend everybody to try the Lush Cupcake Mask, and I will most probably be repurchasing it myself. Smells so good.

What's your experience with Lush products? Have you tried Lush Cupcake Mask? Leave a comment and tell me about it!

Fun Workout Idea: Zumba Time!

What is the best way to get an energy boost and jump right into an absolutely awesome mood? A great workout of course! But tracking miles on the treadmill or going on and on with that stepper feels rather monotonous and dull to me and probably to you too. I have got a much more fun cardio workout idea for you which will also tone your whole body!

We met accidentally. I and my new friend Zumba, I mean. I was just looking around, checking out the new Jillian Michaels video. And there it was. My soon-to-be workout BFF Zumba Exhilarate DVD Experience set. I never would have though that the clumsy and uncoordinated me could ever like it. But I took a chance. And it paid off.

The full review of Zumba Exhilarate DVD Experience is still to come. I am still a beginner, trying to get through the Activate video. What I can say is, the first time I did it, I couldn't stop giggling. Firstly because I knew that I looked funny. I mean, belly dance, hip-hop, salsa and me? Who knew. And secondly because that workout basically made me do it. Made me. Hell, it didn't even feel like workout. It felt like a dance party. One of the instructors even admitted that she uses the Zumba moves in a nighclub sometimes. That's because the key word to this workout is fun. Fun, fun and more fun.

If you have a chance to buy this DVD or, even better, attend a real Zumba class, do it! You will get a great workout AND a big happy smile on your face. Remember, beauty isn't only about putting on foundation or eyeshadow. Being healthy is even more important. A big smile on a healthy and happy girl's face presents a new level of attractiveness, self-confidence and just pure awesomeness. Zumba can give you that if you take a chance and jump right into the mix of Latin dance styles.

What's your experience with Zumba? Leave a comment and tell me about it, and don't forget to follow my blog: soon enough, a full review of the DVD set mentioned above is coming, as well as a description of my first ever Zumba class. Ready to Zumba?

Mini-Haul: What Happens In Drugstores

"You know, you are my friend, you should not let me go near cheap eyeshadows."
"I can't let you near expensive eyeshadows either. No way."
"You can! That would at least guarantee they would turn out good."
"Nope. That would guarantee you going bankrupt."

I wasn't going to buy anything, I swear. It's just I like to experiment. Seriously, you can't let me near cheap eye shadows. The "what if" feeling shows up and I imagine finding a perfect champagne colour right there... How great it would look with my pink blush... As I was on a self-inflicted spending ban, I figured that checking out the drugstore would be much less harmful for my wallet and sanity than going straight to Chanel. This is what happened.

See? I have self-control! I didn't even touch those L'oreal lipsticks!

Since, I was in a serious and undeniable need of a new eyeshadow brush, this Ecotools Bamboo eyeshadow brush is now proudly sitting in my makeup bag. It has nice, soft bristles and for such a low price I would say it is really good.

This is my Essence eyeshadow, my second ever drugstore fail. My favourite eyeshadow base was not enough to keep it in place. It got all crumbly immediately and I hated the texture. Pretty colour and nice packaging, though - I might just keep it in my makeup drawer for that.

Yay! This is Bourjois Smoky Eye Shadow Kit, my new drugstore eyeshadow love. Maybelline still rocks but the intensity and quality of these shadows is really, really good for the price I paid. I will be repurchasing, and I recommend this product to anybody who hasn't tried it yet.

Have you tried any of these products? What's your experience with them? Please leave a comment below and tell me about it, I would love to hear!

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What Used to Be my Jewelry Case: A Pledge

What used to be my jewelry case is now... See for yourself.

Can I find anything in there? No.
Can I get any of my necklaces out without breaking at least one? No.
Do I at least no what is in there? Not really. I do have some vague memories though. It might come back to me. Wait for it.

Why did I write this post? To show you what an impossibly neat person I am? Sure, sure. No, for real, I want to make a pledge, and I want you to hold me accountable.

With this, I, Eva,, the author of this blog, earnestly pledge to get my jewelry in order and prevent the situation pictured above by finding a new method for jewelry storage. I also pledge to repair any damage done by the inevitable tearing and breaking apart process required to do the previously mentioned task.

Stop cruelty to jewelry.

Go check out your jewelry case - is it alright? I allow you to make fun of me about this in comments and show what a neat person you are. Seriously. Do it. I'm in a terrible need for inspiration.

With love,



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